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April 13, 2024

Page Link Collect is a versatile Chrome extension designed to enhance your web browsing experience by effortlessly collecting all the links on a page, accompanied by their corresponding anchor text. Whether you’re conducting research, saving references, or simply organizing your online findings, Page Link Collect simplifies the process, allowing you to extract and catalog the information that matters with ease.

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Effortless Link Collection: With a single click, Page Link Collect scans the current webpage and compiles a comprehensive list of all embedded links, presenting them in a convenient CSV file format.

Comprehensive Information: Each entry in the CSV file includes two columns: the URL link and its corresponding anchor text. This pairing provides you with a complete understanding of the link’s purpose without the need to navigate away from your current page.

Customize and Export: Easily customize your collected links by adding personal notes, tags, or labels, ensuring seamless organization for future reference. Additionally, you can export your link collection in CSV format, allowing for easy integration with your preferred note-taking or productivity tools.

Time-Saving Productivity: Say goodbye to manual copying and pasting. Page Link Collect streamlines your workflow, enabling you to focus on processing the information you’ve gathered rather than managing the collection process.

User-Friendly Interface: With an intuitive interface, Page Link Collect caters to users of all levels, ensuring that everyone can harness the power of efficient link management.

How to Use:

Install the Page Link Collect Chrome extension.
While browsing a webpage, click on the extension icon located in your browser.
Instantly access and interact with the list of links and their corresponding anchor text in the generated CSV file.
Personalize your collection by adding notes, labels, or tags for streamlined organization.
Export your link collection in CSV format, making it compatible with various note-taking and productivity tools.
Why Choose Page Link Collect?

Page Link Collect is not just a link extractor; it’s a comprehensive productivity tool designed to save you time and enhance your link organization. Wave goodbye to manual link collection and welcome a streamlined process that empowers your research and browsing activities.

Unleash the potential of the web with Page Link Collect – download the extension now and revolutionize the way you manage and utilize links!

Get This Chrome extension for FREE here in Google chrome extension Store

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